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Whole House Surge Protection

Protect Your Mesa Area Home With Whole House Surge Protection

Your home in the Phoenix Metro area is vulnerable to a few different types of surges that can damage your home’s appliances, electronics and electric system. Lightning and downed power lines can cause serious surges that can cause thousands of dollars of damage, while smaller surges originating from your own appliances can accumulate similar damage over a longer amount of time.

Get the ultimate protection against surges with a whole house surge protection installation from Minuteman Home Services.

The Benefits of Whole House Surge Protection

A whole house surge protector is a small investment compared to the payback you will receive:

  • Protection Against Sudden Damage - These devices are strong enough to absorb extreme power surges such as those caused by lightning strikes.
  • Protection Against Hidden Surges - It’s estimated that about 80% of surges originate within your own home, especially when large appliances such as your HVAC system cycle on.
  • Superior Results - You can spend money on many point-of-use surge protectors, but you probably can’t cover every possible area that you need covered. A surge protector meant for your entire home will do a more comprehensive job.

Replacing expensive appliances prematurely because of electrical damage, let alone having to replace any of your electronics, is not something you have to risk. A simple, professional whole house surge protector from an experienced minuteman electrician will slash the chances.

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