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Gas Lines

Gas Line Service near Mesa AZ

Natural gas is normally a safe and efficient way of powering appliances, but as you might know as a homeowner, unpredictable malfunctions come with the territory. Minuteman is at the ready for a fast leak detection and repair, and we can install gas lines to new appliances.

Gas Line Leak Detection

Every home that uses natural gas should have a carbon monoxide detector installed. If yours goes off, it’s probably the first indication that you have a gas leak.

Other signs that you should call in a professional for a leak detection include:

  • Physical Symptoms - It’s important to leave your home while waiting for a repair if you suspect you have a gas leak. Your symptoms might include headaches, fatigue, nausea, chest pain and difficulty breathing.
  • An Unpleasant Smell - If you have never smelled natural gas, you might know that it has an unpleasant odor. Gas companies add an unpleasant, sulfurous, rotten-egg-like smell to make gas leaks more obvious.
  • Higher Than Normal Gas Bill - Unless you’ve been ramping up your appliance usage, a high gas bill is suspicious.

Quick Gas Line Repair & Replacement

We repair all gas pipe issues from improper installation or aging-related issues.

Gas Line Installation

Installing a gas stove, log lighter, furnace, water heater or other appliance? We’ll help make it happen.

602-279-0942 There’s no time to wait if you suspect you have a leak with your gas line! We respond 24/7 to service requests, so call us now!

Get in Touch With Our Gas Line Experts

Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, Wendell, Peoria and surrounding communities in the East Valley and Phoenix Metro areas have relied on Minuteman for expert home services since 1980. Minuteman is the choice for:

  • Protective guarantees
  • Round the clock services with no extra fees
  • Helpful specials and discounts

If you would like to set up an appointment for an installation, we’ll make sure to accommodate to your busy schedule.