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Air Duct Repair & Sealing near Mesa AZ

Are your energy bills too high? Have you had to deal with more repairs than the average Phoenix-area homeowner? Do you have a lot of excess dust in your home?

Your air ducts are a likely culprit if these problems are occurring together.

It’s important for many reasons to keep your air ducts in good working order. Problems with your ducts are easy to blame on something else, since your ductwork is out of sight, but you will still experience negative impacts.

Let our experienced HVAC team at Minuteman inspect your ductwork and recommend the right resolution.

Air Duct Repair

We can repair damaged air ducts. Duct damage tends to occurs over time as your HVAC system ages, especially if the ducts were not properly installed. Your system is a good candidate for a repair if you notice:

  • Dents
  • Punctures
  • Large gaps
  • Or a consistently weak airflow from vents

Air Duct Sealing

Sealing your air ducts can stop energy from being wasted in places you didn’t realize were vulnerable. Even the smallest gaps can let out a lot of air.

Have you ever tried to drink from a cracked straw? That small crack made the suction nearly impossible because of all the escaping air. The same effect can happen with ducts, causing airflow to feel weak as so much of it escapes and becomes wasted.

Leaking air can also cause indoor air quality issues as dust is spread throughout your household.

Let us perform a home energy audit to help you determine if duct sealing is right for you.

Minuteman Home Services is Ready to Help

Get a Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee, Performance Guarantee and a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee with any service you receive from us. We also offer many more reasons to choose us:

  • On-time, flexible scheduling
  • Military and senior discounts
  • Reliable, background checked technicians
  • Upfront, written pricing

Please don’t hesitate to call us at 602-279-0942 if you have any questions or requests concerning air duct service.